About Us

Eastside Long Beach 2 bedroom/1 bathroom

We moved in the Summer of 1990. Coming from the country people thought I was weird in the way I dressed. From 8th grade until my junior year, I was teased about my clothes and shoes. My mom knew my feelings without saying a word. She did her best raising 5 children, with 2 jobs, in that small home you see. After high school, I went to barber college and every day when I got home I would take a shower and right into one of my graphic tees. Two things my family knows me for are tees and cool socks. I wanted to make my own tees for the longest but had no knowledge. Even went to a print shop with a design I made and the guy told me I can't help you came into my own knowledge of how to print iron-ons then and from there designing and from that point concepts I gave away to friends, family, and a few unnamed celebrity's. 

All on my own

You know when you want everyone to be apart of the journey...I did that. For years! I can name on one hand, which is too many. The times I asked friends to start a clothing line or a business with me. They had no input, no feedback, no follow up, no vision. I swear I was born to be an entrepreneur. I got it from my mom. Who would sell a hot dog with slaw and/or chili, a bag of chips, and a drink for $2 when we were children growing up in North Carolina. F28 Clothing has been in the making for over 4 years. I didn't want to start it without testing what it would look like, learn graphic design, YouTube tutorials, social media education, and not so much the right time but yeah...timing. 

In Flight

That little house and my paths leading me to F28, which is the address we lived at (1528). Helped me gain my true vision for every design that will come from F28 Clothing. I love what I do and I love you for being apart of the growth.

- Oscar